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Special Education

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Payette Preschool Screening 3-5 Year Olds

If you know of a child living in the Payette area with suspected speech, language, motor or other delays, please call for screening. Contact Charmayne Scow, Payette Special Education Coordinator at 208-642-4138. If you know of a child who is homeless. please pass this information on to that family. 

Legal Number 82167

La Investifacion Presescolar de Payette 3-5 Anos De Edad

Si usted conoce algun nino que vive en el area de Payette con problemas sospecho-sos, del discurso, lenguaje (idoma), de-sarollo de habilidades del motor u otras demoras, por favor llama para mas infor-macion y para agarrar una cita. Comuniquece con Charmayne Scow, Del distrito escolar de Payette al 642-4138. Si usted conoce a algun nino que no tiene un hogar por favor dejele saber como obtener ayuda.

Legal Number 82167

Destruction of Special Education Records

This is an information update to allow all students that attended school in Payette and received special education services through the Payette School District up to the School Year 2014-2015, that all records will be destroyed in a matter of 45 days upon the release of this information. We are required by law to maintain these records for five years; after June 20th 2022, these records will be destroyed. These records could be of a value to your Future references such as: determine supplemental social security income eligibility or if you will be furthering your education. You, as an adult student, guardian or parent may inquire about these records at the special education department which is located in Payette, Idaho, at 1321 1st Ave North. 

You may contact Mandy Coen, the Special Education Administrative Assistant, at 208-642-4138.

Phone / Fax

Phone - 208-642-4138
Fax - 208-642-2726

Contact the Special Education department.