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Faculty & Staff

Westside Elementary School

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 Image of Leslie Burns

Leslie Burns


 image of Greg Hale

Greg Hale

Dean of Students

 picture of Tami Manzo

Tami Manzo


 Image of Adriana Kellum

Adriana Kellum

 Profile image 381094

Stacie Mount

4th Grade

 Profile image 131472

Caitlyn Poulson

4th Grade

 picture of Natalie Sheldon

Natalie Sheldon

4th Grade

 picture of Casie Strombert

Casie Stromberg

4th Grade

 picture of Shauna Bain

Shauna Bain

5th Grade

 picture of Amy Brownell

Amy Brownell

5th Grade

 Picture of Sarah Nesbitt

Sarah Nesbitt

5th Grade

 Profile image 131478

Gary Rindlisbacher

5th Grade

 Profile image 379416

Charmayne Scow

SPED Teacher

 picture of Debbie Jeffries

Debbie Jeffries


 picture of Tami Manzo

Tami Manzo


 picture of Paula McElroy

Paula McElroy

After School Director