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21st Century Kindergarten


Provide opportunities in a safe, supervised, enriching environment with academic support, and engaging family activities for Payette Primary Kindergarten students and their families. 

Our goal is to eliminate academic gaps and reduce risk factors, while empowering students and families.


This 5-year grant was awarded to the Payette School District by the State Department of Education.

Funded through Title IV B, the 21stCentury Community Learning Centers grant allows us the opportunity of providing all-day kindergarten. Students will have one teacher half the day for general education, and another teacher for the other half for 21st CCLC enrichment activities.  


  • Academic Enrichment
  • STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Public Library Visits
  • Snacks and Nutrition
  • English Language Learning
  • Service Projects


Any student who attends kindergarten at Payette Primary is eligible to participate in the 21st CCLC Kindergarten Program. We encourage regular attendance and follow the policies outlined in the Payette School District and 21st CCLC Kindergarten student handbooks.


The Payette Public Library

The City of Payette

Local Service Organizations

Local Businesses


  • Volunteers to help in classrooms, on field trips, with special events
  • Volunteers to share a skill
  • Donations of art, science and school supplies
  • Financial donations to support activities, programs and family engagements