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Faculty & Staff

McCain Middle School

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 picture of Kipp McKenzie

Kipp McKenzie

Administrator/ Principal

 picture of Jacob Williams

Jacob Williams

Vice Principal

 photo of Voni Naillon

Voni Naillon


 image of Tammara Vantuyl

Tammara VanTuyl


 picture of Akemi Whiteley

Akemi Whiteley

MMS Counselor

 Photo of Eric Held

Eric Held


 photo of Bo Riddick

Bo Riddick


 Image of Danica Schmidt

Danica Schmidt


 photo of Shawn Scow

Shawn Scow


 picture of Pat Weymouth

Pat Weymouth


 image if Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

Instruction and Curriculum Director

 picture of Ana Esquivel

Ana Esquivel

Migrant Liaison/Translator

 image of Leyla Menjivar

Leyla Menjivar

Migrant Liaison

 image of Courtney Hildebrand

Courtney Hildebrand

6th Grade

 image of Wesley Pack

Wesley Pack

7th Grade

 image of Mardine Olsen

Mardine Olsen

8th Grade

 Future image of Sharon Hill

Elizabeth Hill

Basic Math

 Image of Stephen Morrison

Stephen Morrison

6th Grade

 Photo of Tracy Bratcher

Tracy Bratcher

7th Grade/ Sports Marketing

 Photo of Andrew Mount

Andrew Mount

8th Grade

 Image of Morgan Proud

Morgan Proud

6th, 7th Grade

 picture of Chelsie Fugate

Chelsie Gorseth


 picture of Chasity McAvoy

Chasity McAvoy


 Image of Sarah Pack

Sarah Pack

6th, 7th Grade

 Image of Melissa Corta

Melissa Corta

6th, 8th Grade

 place holder image of Lorrie Cudaback

Lorrie Cudaback

SPED Paraprofessional

 placeholder image for Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis

SPED Paraprofessional

 image of Elizabeth Hill

Elizabeth Hill

SPED Teacher

 placeholder image for Mardi Juhl

Mardi Juhl

SPED Paraprofessional

 future image of Ryan Keck

Ryan Keck

SPED Paraprofessional

 placeholder image for Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

SPED Paraprofessional

 Future image of Amber Switzer

Amber Switzer

SPED Teacher

 future image of Jack Leslie

Jack Leslie

I.S.S/ Paraprofessional

 future image of Kimberly Pirrie

Kimberly Pirrie


 Photo of Bri Warnock

Bri Warnock