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Faculty & Staff

Westside Elementary School

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 picture of MaryBeth Bennett

MaryBeth Bennett

 picture of Angela Fletcher

Angela Fletcher

 picture of Kelly Sullivan

Kelly Sullivan

PPS/WES Counselor
 picture of Mari Cluff

Mari Cluff

4th Grade
 picture of Christy Hueterman

Christy Heuterman

4th Grade
 picture of Shannon Kelly

Shannon Kelly

4th Grade
 picture of Sami Walton

Sami Walton

4th Grade
 picture of Shauna Bain

Shauna Bain

5th Grade
 picture of Amy Brownell

Amy Brownell

5th Grade
 picture of Ericka Burke

Ericka Burke

5th Grade
 Pictute of Stacie Mount

Stacie Mount

5th Grade
 Picture of Sarah Nesbitt

Sarah Nesbitt

5th Grade
 picture of Wanda Couch

Wanda Couch

 picture of Kendra Daugherty

Kendra Daugherty

 placeholder picture for Desiree Escobar

Desiree Escobar

SPED Teacher
 placeholder picture for Jennifer Macklin

Jennifer Macklin

 picture of Casie Strombert

Casie Stromberg

SPED Assistant
 picture of Chrystal Winn

Chrystal Winn

 picture of Debbie Jeffries

Debbie Jeffries

 picture of Tami Manzo

Tami Manzo

Librarian Assistant
 picture of Paula McElroy

Paula McElroy

After School Director