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Faculty & Staff

Payette Primary School

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 picture of Maritza Lopez

Maritza Lopez

 picture of Kipp McKenzie

Kipp McKenzie

Administrator/ Principal
 placeholder picture for Maureen Seidel

Maureen Seidel

Data Coach
 placeholder picture for Mikayla Simonson

Mikayla Simonson

 picture of Kelly Sullivan

Kelly Sullivan

PPS/WES Counselor
 Photo of Christa Lake

Christa Lake

 photo of Michelle Stoneman

Michelle Stoneman

 picture of Marisa Walker

Marisa Walker

 picture of Kimberly Barker

Kimberly Barker

1st Grade
 picture of Angie Deaseleer

Angie Daeseleer

1st Grade
 picture of Taralee Fitzsimonds

Taralee Fitzsimonds

1st Grade
 picture of Emily McKenzie

Emily McKenzie

1st Grade
 picture of Cheyenne Barker

Cheyenne Barker

2nd Grade
 picture of Jasmine Hooten

Jasmine Hooten

2nd Grade
 picture of Amanda Johnson

Amada Johnson

2nd Grade
 picture of Adam Snook

Adam Snook

2nd Grade
 picture of Molly Echanis

Molly Echanis

3rd Grade
 picture of Richann McMaster

Richann McMaster

3rd Grade
 picture of Lacey Pecunia

Lacey Pecunia

3rd Grade
 picture of Logan Stirm

Logan Stirm

3rd Grade
 picture of Kayla Brown

Kayla Brown

SPED Assistant
 picture of Ashley Coleman

Ashley Coleman

SPED Assistant
 picture of Kay Cox

Kay Cox

Title One Teacher
 picture of Darlene Hallett

Darlene Hallett

Title One Paraprofessional
 picture of Anna Kainoa

Anna Kainoa

Title One Paraprofessional
 picture of Jennifer Reese

Jennifer Reese

Title One Paraprofessional
 picture of Hannah Barta

Hannah Rivera

SPED Teacher
 picture of Shelly Rocha

Shelly Rocha

Title One Paraprofessional
 picture of Natalie Sheldon

Natalie Sheldon

SPED Paraprofessional
 picture of Sandy Swisher

Sandy Swisher

SPED Paraprofessional
 Placeholder image for Seth Conder

Seth Conder

 Placeholder image for Lisa Carriere

Lisa Carriere

Speech and Language Pathologist
 Picture of Brandy Cerveny

Brandy Cerveny

Speech and Language Paraprofessional
 Placeholder image for William Grigg

William Grigg

 Placeholder image for Gloria Mireles

Gloria Mireles

Community Closet
 Picture of Carol Moore

Carol Moore

 Picture of Carol Underwood

Carol Underwood

Kitchen Manager

Alexandria Kaler

 placeholder picture for Lisa Ayers

Lisa Ayers

21st CCLC Paraprofessional
 picture of Sue Coleman

Sue Coleman

21st CCLC Paraprofessional
 picture of Ashley Gantz

Ashley Gantz

21st CCLC Director
 placeholder image of Hannah Mellick

Hannah Mellick

21st CCLC Paraprofessional
 picture of Susan LaMue

Susan LaMue

21st CCLC Paraprofessional
 placeholder picture for Jenna Sylva

Jenna Sylva

21st CCLC After School Coordinator
 picture of Leslie Burns

Leslie Burns

Online Teacher 1st and 2nd Grade