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Dress Code

Please review our Dress Code, below!

Pants / Shorts / Skirts / Dresses

  • Students may wear dresses, skirts, non-athletic shorts, jeans or khakis.
  • Hemlines on shorts, skirts, and dresses are to be no higher than six inches from the center of the knee-or must have material beyond extended fingers while standing straight.
  • Pants with holes at or below, skirt, dress, or shorts level are acceptable.
  • Pants with holes above the skirt, dress, or shorts level must have proper covering of skin.
  • Pants must fit and worn be properly or be worn at the waist.
  • Long shirt covering to mid-thigh if leggings are worn.
  • Pajamas, sweats, boxers, and leggings just below the waist will not be worn.

Shirts / Tops / Dresses

  • All tops must have sleeves.
  • Shirts/dresses should have necklines higher than the straight line from the top of the underarm across to the opposite underarm.
  • Students must have their midriff, shoulders, back, and cleavage always covered.


  • Students must always wear dress, tennis, or casual shoes boots, sandals, or flip flops.
  • Slippers and wheeled shoes are not appropriate for school. 

Athletic Attire

  • Athletic attire (Shorts/yoga pants/sweats) is only allowed in physical education classes.


  • Outerwear worn to school should be hung in lockers, closets, books, hooks, or on chairs during instructional hours.
  • Students will not be allowed to wear blankets at school.

Prohibited Clothing or Items

  • Clothing or accessories associated with gangs, drugs, sexuality, profanity, or violence of any kind is prohibited.
  • Items such as dog collars, chains, wallet chains, spikes, safety pins, fishhooks, or other dangerous items are prohibited.
  • Students will not wear bandanas, hats, visors, or hoods.
  • Inappropriate words, graphics, pictures, are not permitted on any area of clothing.
  • Politically divisive content, political groups, political messages are prohibited. 
  • Any other questionable clothing, wording, pictures, graphics, etc. determined by the administration to be disruptive to the educational environment is also prohibited.