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District Data Team

The Payette School District Data Team is designed around a professional model from Brian A. McNulty and Laura Besser in their book, Leaders Make It Happen! An Administrator's Guide to Data Teams. The team looks at district data to examine implementation and effectiveness of programs, curriculum and practices throughout the system.

The District Data Team is chaired by the Superintendent and meets 3 hours monthly during the school year. Membership includes two teachers from each school, two building administrators and parent representatives. Each member serves a 2-year rotation.

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Educational Technology Team

The Payette Educational Technology Team (PETT) is co-chaired by the District Technology Director and the Business Manager. Membership includes teacher representatives from each building, our Webmaster, the Data Management Technician and the Superintendent. The team meets monthly to develop vision, generate and monitor goals, plan professional development, determine priorities and inform technology decisions.

PETT's focus is assessing stakeholder technology needs and providing necessary resources and training to be successful facilitators of learning. The aim is to make smart, data-informed purchases of technology and software that are proven effective in the classroom. Payette School District is committed to providing and maintaining a level of current technology that is competitive with other K-12 school districts.

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Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for assisting with district communication between our schools, parents, the community and the media by developing a culture of unity within the Payette School District. The committee also provides input for the Communications Strategic Plan.

The Public Relation Committee is comprised of building PR representatives, district Webmaster, and the Superintendent, who meet monthly to share strategies and build cohesiveness in brand and publications.

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Curriculum Committee

Coming soon.